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Brochure Designers


Single- or double-sided sheets, handed out by themselves ("flyers") or inside folders ("inserts").


A sheet of paper folded in half creates a 4-page brochure. Several sizes and layouts available.


A sheet of paper folded twice in equally-sized panels creates a 6-page brochure. Several sizes and layouts available.


An 8-panel brochure that mimics a set of opening doors or windows.


Basically a bi-fold with at least one pocket / flap to hold other pieces inside.


You can create a booklet by stacking several bi-folds. Page count is then a multiple of 4.


Custom brochures can be created in different ways, including extras like special inks or custom cuts to make them unique.

Our Brochure Designers' Portfolio

JC Tech

Flyer SS / Single-sided flyer, LTR for JC Tech in California (CA)


Brochure Aceitunas / 4-page bi-fold brochure, A3 open for Petroplast in Argentina


Folder / Folder 18" x 12" open, outside covers, two inside pockets for Coachalia in Spain

Wholesale Fund

Flyer SS / Single-sided flyer, LTR for Wholesale Fund in Arizona (AZ)

JLBG Health

Flyer / Single-sided flyer, LTR for JLBG Health in Illinois (IL)

The Desara Group

Flyer TDG Consulting / Single-sided flyer, LTR for The Desara Group in New York (NY)

Praxis Dreierlei

Bifold 2 Booklet Physio / 4-page bi-fold brochure, A3 open for Praxis Dreierlei in Germany

Miguel And Valentino

Flyer Gazpacho / Single-sided flyer, LTR for Miguel And Valentino in Maryland (MD)

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What is a Brochure?

A brochure is a piece of paper-based communication that has commercial, informative and/or advertising objectives. A brochure is one of the most important pieces of a corporate image and identity. For example, there are several tri-fold brochures used to advertise a new product or service, and there are bi-fold folders that are used to present company projects.

There are different brochure types, and every type has a different way to be designed. The criterion adopted to design a bi-fold brochure to present your company projects for internal use would be different from the one for external use.

A well-designed brochure is the best way to introduce your company to your potential customers.

Why do you Need a Brochure?

Brochures are used by companies of all types for their marketing efforts. A brochure is a mandatory piece of identity for most serious and consolidated companies. Even though people tend to think that having a brochure is something expensive and only for big companies, it’s in fact a very affordable investment compared to other advertising options. A brochure talks about your business. When you hand out a professional brochure to a prospective customer, you are sure that it communicates the message you want.

Creating a brochure requires time, graphic design expertise and professionalism. Many companies try to do their own marketing designs, but this is a demanding, frustrating process and the outcome will never give you the edge over your competitors. In-house brochures never look the same as those developed by marketing or PR agencies.

Outsourcing brochure design to a professional graphic design agency is the best choice for those companies that want to focus on their core business and leave these kind of specialized tasks to graphic design professionals. A specialized graphic design agency like can help.